A Lack of Meaning

It’s worth nothing that beautiful things are often considered “pointless” as if the ability to bring pleasure and joy to a person is not meaningful or full of purpose in and of itself.

Regardless, I’ve endeavored to put together a place on the web for myself (that isn’t instagram) as a means to bring a sense of cohesion and a general sense of purposefulness that I feel has been missing in my life in the past two or three years. It’s not as if I’ve stopped making or creating. If anything, I took all of 2023 to consider what form of rengerative creation, or poeisis might look like if I were to apply it to my praxis.

Anyway, the long and short of is that here we are, with an .io domain and a desire to put stuff together so I can see what it is that I actually have created thus far and if it aligns with what I intended.