thinking x making

Meishang or more widely known as Melissa, was born and raised in 1980s Mumbai, then known as Bombay. Since then, they have moved hearth and home twice across two different continents. As a young adult in Tkaronto, Turtle Island (Toronto, CA) and now as a barely functioning adult, in countryside Japan where they spend their time teaching English to frustrated kids. A strangely blindsiding choice in career after spending some time in Marketing, then Product Design.

After a vicious few years of fighting the productivity demon, Meishang has few other desires than spending all day reading and chillaxing in their 70 year old kominka in the Nara countryside.

They also write and opine about a lot of things on a regular basis across different mediums, including a novel which is currently in the works.

Meishang cares about equity, responsibility, accountability, beauty and a life well-lived.

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